JabaLabs Hyaluronic Cream

Total Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid, Leucidal (natural preservative from radishes).

What makes JabaLabs Hyaluronic Cream the best in the world?

Our Hyaluronic Cream has no added fillers and is 100% pure. No glycerin or thickeners are added. The only ingredients in our product are hyaluronic acid and Leucidal, which is an organic preservative derived from radishes. Leucidal has been approved by ECOCert  for use in products with the “organic” label.

In addition, our Hyaluronic Cream contains a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.  With a reduced size of three thousand to eight thousand Daltons, it is up to five times smaller than was previously possible. The small size ensures that our hyaluronic cream can penetrate deeply into your skin.

JabaLabs welcomes wholesale clients, but we offer our low prices to retail clients as well. There are no fees or accounts needed. We challenge you to find better prices for comparable products anywhere.

We also make our products fresh each day. Our bottles have dates on them, so you will know that what you have received is just a few days old. Hyaluronic acid is more effective when it is fresh. JabaLabs products do NOT sit on a shelf in a warehouse. We prefer to make them daily, in smaller batches.

We offer FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping for all orders in the United States. That includes wholesale orders. International orders are just $35 for any size order to any country.

Instructions for use:

We recommend using hyaluronic cream twice a day – morning and night. After your usual cleansing routine, simply apply a few drops of hyaluronic cream to your fingers and gently apply it on your face, neck, or anywhere on your body. You can even mix a few drops into your favorite lotions to give them an additional hydration quality. Hyaluronic cream can be used under your eyes and on your eyelids, but keep it out of the eyes themselves. OUR PRODUCT IS FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY. DO NOT DRINK OR INJECT.

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